Marriage in India

The traditional way is surprising!
For a girl- its pretty difficult.
The family who has known you since childhood,
Enlists your qualities,
Promotes them to find the perspective groom.
The family verifies the boy’s background.
The girl and the girl meet formally
And finally they get married.
Oh I forgot to mention
That blossoms after marriage.

As the culture says:
“Trust your family and their choice
Marriages are made in heaven
You’ll get what is destined for you ”

The modern way is quite similar
To the usual in which people chose their partner
Across the globe…after they fall in love

Just that love marriages in India
Need more efforts in convincing the family
And most importantly, the society.

In our society arranged marriage is a very common affair. If you have any doubts, questions regarding this do let me know In the comments section. I’ll be glad to explain things.

This post is on the request of
Well , she asked about the dating , but as per the culture there’s no system of dating. Dating is now being practised as influenced by the western culture. But it’s still not very widely accepted in our society.


3 comments on “Marriage in India

  1. I wrote a piece on Indian Marriages as well. Check that out as well if you have time 🙂


  2. Stephen Paul says:

    thanks for your post about indian culture….


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