We need your questions

That’s right, we need you again.

Sometimes all we know about a country and culture is the stereotypes, the urban legends and what media tells us, most of the information we have about it is out of context, I know I have so many questions about places I have never been, and can only experience as a foreigner, and who better to answer those questions than the people who live there? So next week, the Broken Compasses want to answer your questions about our countries, our cultures and our selves; What inspires us? How we grew up, the traditions that are a part of our every day lives, what are the things that set us apart from you? and what are the things that makes us not that different?

As Jarrod C. suggested from his experience of talking with a friend and sharing their own perceptions, often our vision of another country is overstated and incorrect. So please ask away in the comments or if you’re a bit shy, this is our email: diversifieddames@gmail.com.

If you have questions about the Philippines Danica will answer them on Monday.

Questions about India will be answered on Wednesday.

Questions about the U.S will be answered on Friday by Blair.

and lastly I will be answering your questions about the U.K  on Sunday.

If you want to ask more than one question or a question to each of us, you are more then welcome, just please make it clear who the question is for, or for what country.

From the land where four different worlds converge, Ellie, Malvika, Blair and Danica.


4 comments on “We need your questions

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    Ask away! If you’d like to know more about our countries, Philippines, India, England and USA respectively, this is your chance to break all those misconceptions and urban legends you probably know from media and other sorts of information source. We’d be glad to answer them all!


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    please help us.


  3. Since the British ruled Indians for quite a long time, It would be great if you guys could post on how these cultures have influenced each other.

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  4. noblethemes says:

    To Danica and Malvika: If this question is considered too “political,” I will understand you’re choosing not to answer; however, I am interested on the perspective people from widely different cultures and nations have about the United States. In other words, is the U. S. too entertainment oriented? Largely uninformed (or under-informed) about current international events? How do “typical Americans” strike you, i.e. humble, arrogant, charitable, uncaring, etc.? Is the U. S. too involved in the lives of other countries? Answers to questions such as these would interest me very much! Thank you for the opportunity to ask! And blessings to ALL four of you!


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