No Turning Back

Acquaintances together as kids
We played, laughed, fought and scraped knees
But undeniably tight friendship is what we had
And still have as we journey to a lifetime.

Flowers piled up in my drawer,
Letters scribbled on tiny yellow papers
Sealed with kisses of endearment
I keep in dern and secured container.

A playful bond no one knows but you and I
If spoken around,
Mom and dad will probably have us whacked.
So you decided to show up on our front door
By looking incredibly handsome and casual —
Trembling and choking
But fighting fears away like a brave knight.

With roses and chocolates held
You flashed the sincerest smile
Offering none but your purest intentions
Towards their only cherished daughter.

I laughed inside looking how funny the picture is:
Mom tried to shake you off,
While dad played tough with gritted teeth.
Secretly knowing they will soon approve
And accept you as the other son.

Opportunities given were taken advantage;
Even willing to wash tonight’s dishes
And mow the front lawn.
No turning back to ridiculous challenges offered
Just to prove them your worth of my only ‘yes’.

Now those years had passed,
We remained true and pure.
Until this very day seeing you eye to eye,
Standing tall waiting for me
As I walk down the aisle.


This week’s topic was given by Memee. She suggested we post something that describes how dating works in our own country. I’ve come up with a free verse poem that portrays how dating usually is in the Philippines.

I thought this was an exciting and interesting prompt to write about. I don’t think our culture in dating differs a lot from other country though, only it takes a whole lot effort on the guy’s part (like mowing the front lawn, yes! And traditionally, Dads often command guys to fetch pails of water and cut through woods using a bolo. Sometimes girls’ parents are that weird) to hear the most coveted “yes” from the woman he loves… and her parents. And since most of our population are Catholics, we value the importance of purity in the relationship and commonly follow the rule “no wedding ring, no sex”. Personally, that idea appeals to me most. But because we now live in a digital world, few couples choose their liberty to not follow it.

Danica Aquino


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