Humanity rules

The clouds of terror have flown,
It’s time for seeds of revival sown.
Joining hands with one and all ,
We attempt to rise after the fall.

The memories will take time ,
But we will strive.
The land of tradition ,
Is now on a mission.

Prayers for each soul,
Rehabilitation is the goal.
To bring back the smile,
Of every crying child.

The struggle begins now,
But we will stand up anyhow.
The buildings must have fallen,
The spirit is still not darkened.

The lamp of hope shines brightly,
The warmth of hearts
Seemed to comfort
But the tremors shook us again.

The fear in eyes,
Is yet not gone.
The prayers are loud,
To reach God’s heart.

With lots n lots of prayers , for all my brothers and sisters…May the good God’s angels be by your sides always.

Chad D , you deserve a special mention for your genuine concern. Thankyou.


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