I’m sorry this is a little late

My words fall short

I don’t know what to say

The Death counts rising

They confirmed another yesterday

He was a boy younger than me

Left with a backpack

Thinking he could be free

S’pose he is now

Here we seem to focus on our own

The Backpackers, the gap years

The honeymooners

But the real heroes remain unknown

You are the survivors that rose

Like some post apocalyptic

Poster boy optimistic

Example of hope

I’ve seen pictures of cats found alive in the dirt

Of babies pulled away from the rubble

Families gathering in the hurt

Hope hidden in the trouble

I know it will never be same

That the country I’ve never seen

Is a shadow of its name

But it will rise with its people

It will rise with you

You are its future

You will make it through

This poem was inspired by Chad D’s prompt To write something to show some support to the people of Nepal and North India. I wish I could give them more then this. If you can please donate, I have no idea of the official relief sites, and I know there are awful scams going on, this article explains donating and has links to a few organisations known to help. I know you probably don’t have a lot you can give, I know I don’t but a little goes a long way.

Thank you.


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