Moments of tremor…


It was a usual morning…
The birds were singing,
The children were playing,
The mothers were cooking…

All of a sudden,
There was a tremble,
The Earth shook,
All were stunned.

The havoc had begun…
People were running
Children were crying
Mothers were wailing

Fear in every eye,
Terror in every moment.
The wellbeing of the loved ones
Was the only prayer.

This was not it…
The Earth kept trembling
Over and over again
Increasing the mankind’s pain.

Each tremor took along
Hundreds of lives
Millions of smiles
And innumerable shelters.

The place has lost its glory
Hope is the lamp now
Everyone helping everyone
Beyond the cultural bounds

The humanity is seen
The care is seen
But the fear still exists
The panic has not yet deceased

I myself experienced it…
Running down with unfirm steps
I could feel the tremor
Tears swelled from each eye…

The only hope that exists  now
Is to start building again.
Prayers n helping hands
Are all we need now…


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