In the eye of a lone flyer


In the mountain air, I travel far from where humans live, peace and solace are found. A kingdom where only I rule — taking good care of divine trees with companions. But what does it take to be me? Delicately white bellied, two strong yellow legged and long winged — I’m not a monster, but frightened are monkeys, snakes and rats when I fly. O’er them are my two good seeing eyes and sharp claws prepared to attack. Not that I intend to, but rather what nature calls. As I fly hundred feet above, a fellow prey is impossible at reach. But down there, where human aristocracy rules, is what I’m most afraid of. Many years ago, ancestors lived freely in their will with no danger of harm. But today, anywhere I go seems the possibility of my somber end. For heavenly mounted home is turned to skyscrapers and villages; for my only food for the soul is taken away, marching their way to extinction just like me. I start to wonder, where will my kingdom be in the next few years? But that is if there will be more years to come for me.

The Philippine Eagle, also known as the Monkey Eating Eagle, is currently critically endangered in our country mostly because of the said reasons above — deforestation and humans capturing them for personal use. However, the Philippine animal conservation is trying their best (I hope) to avoid their further extinction. They are naturally elusive and I haven’t personally seen one but I sure hope the next generation would one day wake up confidently knowing that our precious hero is safely living and growing in the comfort of his kingdom.


4 comments on “In the eye of a lone flyer

  1. Reblogged this on The Dirty Diaries and commented:

    Writing this flash fiction is like getting to know more about a dear friend I have never met. But I hope someday, there will come a time when he will be given the freedom to live his peaceful life again back when animal cruelty is a nightmare no one would dare to live in.


  2. Reblogged this on Tea with Ellie and commented:

    Wonderful peice from Danica. Really hits a note for the detrimental effects we have on native species.


  3. memeethemuse says:

    Thank you, Danica, for teaching us about your Monkey Eating Eagle… no wonder the monkeys are frightened when these gorgeous birds fly above! I hope they can be saved from extinction.

    ⚔ Memee

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