On this Little Island called Britain

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a people quite like you. I don’t know where we started, where our roots root back to, only at some point when the world was younger and the land was one we separated from the continent like a child leaving home. I like to think back then we were like a teenager determined to find themselves in this chaotic world.

So with glacial outbursts the sea crashed along the shores, rising and drowning as it redefined the world and drew new borders for the world. On this island, cast off from the great vast continent we strove, survived, discovered and conquered to eventually create the U.K.

We have lived under different guises, borne different names, and adapted to new civilisations, our earliest known name was Albion, a name which derived from the Latin word for white, referring to the well-known white cliffs of Dover which is the first view of Britain from Europe. With the Roman Conquest we eventually became Britannia.

From the firey headed Celts, to the icy eyed  Normans our heritage is rather diverse. With bloodlines that trace to Romans, Vikings, Celts and even older. There is one thing we, as a people, as a country, do best and that is survive. From the divide of the North Sea, to our separation from Ireland when the marshland that connected us was swallowed by the raging sea, to The Roman conquest where their armies won England but could never defeat Scotland, to countless attempts to overthrow us.

It was not until the 1700s that we became one kingdom, and the England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland allied and became Great Britain.

Since then we have maintained our Monarchy, with kings and queens that have individually redefined the country, and secured their place in history, most notably with actions like conquering and forming the British empire which spanned most of the world, and irrevocably altered it, making the modern English language the predominant and vital language for trade and the modern world.  To Henry the VIII’s action to separate from the Vatican, and create the Church of England.

Our country small, vital and so far unconquered now lives in tea loving peace. Enjoying our fish and chips by the sea and continuing our long line of odd habits and traditions. For a place so tiny, just under a thousand miles from top to bottom we sport a myriad of beliefs, religions, accents, traditions and peoples.

Over time many musicians, actors, producers, and writers have found success in England, with Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, The Beatles, and countless others.

But for me, my day to day life spent in the green rolling hills of the West Country, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities I enjoy a peaceful part of England, with my little menagerie of animals, and endless cups of earl grey tea.


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    Sundays with Ellie on The Broken Compasses is here! next week we’re going to do something from the point of view of a Native Animal, which I’m excited for.


  2. As much as we have our problems, we still have a heck of a lot to be proud of…

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  3. demiannee says:

    This is v good.

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