Reality check!

The history of India begins with evidence of human activity of Anatomically modern humans, as long as 75,000 years ago, or with earlier hominids including Homo erectus from about 500,000 years ago.

The Indus valley civilisation and the Harappan civilisation have been India’s oldest civilisations and also one of the oldest in the world.


The next step in the evolution of the present india was the division of the land into kingdoms and provinces ruled by kings from different cultures. This was the golden period of India. It was known as the “Golden Bird”.





And then the advent of the French , Portuguese  and  most  importantly the English  was a turning point  in the  history of India.

The story of success for India begins with the victory of Independence in the year 1947 , after being under the British rule for more than a century.


After the freedom struggle India started from scratch. The partition had weakened it.

And now here are some pictures of the present modern India.


Today’s India comprises a large percentage of its population belonging to the middle class. The everyday life of the people here is all about making the two ends meet. India is a developing country where everything affects it’s economy.

The people of India are known for their hospitality , love and affection.
Namaste is the most common greeting word used in my country. It means to pay respect.


India has many national languages.


The cuisine of India varies according to the wide cultural differences. Some of the major dishes are –
North India


East India


West India


South India


Hope you enjoyed the cultural amalgam of my country, India.


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