It happens only in India…

The land of beauty,
The land of grace,
The rare country,
With all landscapes,
It is just INDIA.

From dry deserts
To evergreen trees.
From thirsty waters
To high hills.


In the north, the county,
Kashmir, ‘The heaven on earth’
The land of beauty,
Symbolic of mirth.


In the east, is Bengal,
Adorned with Sunderbans ,
The evergreens tall
And the jungle ‘s fun.


In the west is the desert.
The divine moonlight ,
The sand blizzard,
And the colours bright.


In the south resides Nature.
The lovely place that touches the heart.
Where all the shots are perfect picture.
And the people are traditionally smart.


And lo! Here is me
The story teller.
To describe the land fantasy
As the magic-speller…


4 comments on “It happens only in India…

  1. nitish2810 says:

    These directions don’t complete India
    There is still lot of fun
    Just make a visit to my homeland
    I am sure you won’t stop with one 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jear says:

    Awesome blog about india.!!
    By the way I am from south and living in east.!!
    Nice to meet here.

    Liked by 1 person

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