It Must Be So Hot

“How?” is a one word question that continuously nags me whenever I see different people, who are probably from the opposite poles on earth, working for a collaboration piece. But luckily, the question wouldn’t have to knock on me no more because today is the first time I will ever get to taste its feel. Can you imagine, a day just casually passed with me agreeing on an artistic project plan with the bloggers I would absolutely say yes to! Thanks to Blair, Ellie and Malvika. This newest blog wouldn’t be made if it wasn’t because of their love and passion in writing. And I, on the other hand, am willing to join them in a fresh journey through the colorful cultures of each country we are from in which we are happy to share with you!

To kick start this, let’s turn the hands of time four hours backwards…

On my way  to the story conference for our university film documentary – early stages, pre-production – I wipe the beads of perspiration on my forehead as I try and write my country’s unbearable summer heat. I know, we’re a tropical country and it has always been like this but… come on.

I can only imagine a perfectly (like magically) placed sandbar in the middle of a crystal-like, blue sea water…

Sumilon Island Sandbar in Cebu. Photo courtesy:

Sumilon Island Sandbar in Cebu. Photo courtesy:

or a slightly, just enough,  cold pine tree air with an awfully beautiful view like this:

Mines View Park Hotel in Baguio City. Photo courtesy:

Mines View Park Hotel in Baguio City. Photo courtesy:

Or I could also resort to my adventurous side and try these incredible outdoor activities!

Kiteboarding in Boracay. Photo courtesy:

Kiteboarding in Boracay. Photo courtesy:

Trekking in Baler. Photo courtesy:

Trekking in Baler. Photo courtesy:

I don’t mean to make you all drool over these few tourist  attractions perfect for summer here in my country but hey, it’s mother nature’s beauty. I can only imagine them because the truth is if I continue musing and procrastinating I’d  be late to our story con which could lead to my failing this course subject that could possibly prevent me from graduating and if that happens I wouldn’t be able to get a decent job to pay for my  summer vacation expenses!

So, my hyperactive imagination made it happen. And when I come back here next week, same day, I might show you some more of what’s interesting in my place. But for the following days, check back on here to read cool stuff from Blair, Ellie and Malvika.




3 comments on “It Must Be So Hot

  1. Reblogged this on The Dirty Diaries and commented:

    Putting in a plug for our newest collaboration blog won’t hurt anyone, right? Here’s The Broken Compasses @ which features four young bloggers from four different countries, telling their diversified cultures. And the first post has been made, courtesy of yours truly.

    I hope you all support this one as much as you support our individual blogs. I always say this and I will say it again, thank you so much! Cheers to a happy reading! 🙂


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  3. Anna Margarita Ortiz says:

    I love you Thenicknax. XX


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