About Us

“If I were a magician, I’d hand out broken compasses. It’s all about misdirection.

Jarod Kintz,

One day, not so long ago four girls from starkly different points of the world decided to start a blog, With the intent to highlight the differences and similarities between cultures, beliefs, and people through our words.

From our places in the world we have found a kinship in our writing, similarities in our fears and passions, and friendship despite the distance between us.

Malvika is from the ancient land of culture, India. I’ll be pleased to give you an insight about the traditions and rich heritage of my country. Apart from writing, I dance. I’m also a preschool teacher to manage my daily expenses. I’m a free spirited person. I love to write out my emotions in the form of poetry. This love is reflected in my other blog Magical Corner

Blair is from the eastern United States, right on the border of urban city life and country livin’. Words have always been something I’ve felt a connection to and I’ve been writing short stories ever since I can remember. However, poetry is a new passion of mine which emerged just about three months ago. I keep busy studying to become a kindergarten teacher, working at a court house, and writing on my other blog, People, Things, and Life.

Danica is from the country known as the Pearl of the Orient – Philippines. My first love was acting but I also find the comfort in expressing my thoughts and feelings through the wonderful world of poetry. In the midst of chaos, confusions and happiness, writing has become a friend which I can confidently turn to without the worry of judgments. I’ll be glad to see you halfway my have-yet-to-discover journey in Portrait of Dust.

Eloise is from rainy old England, in the rural south west. My love for writing and poetry derives from walking through flowery meadows making up stories based on butterflies, I was home educated and now I’m busy working on my novel, and running my other blogs, Tea with Ellie and two advice blogs  Dear you, and Dear M.E/CFS. Pleased to meet you.


2 comments on “About Us

  1. Stephen Paul says:

    so cute blog site…keep it up your job…

    My blog related to health and fitness. i hope my blog also may be useful to you.

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  2. Brilliant idea and good creativity too !!!


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